Our vision is a world where people work under safe, fair, and legal conditions.

Verité® provides the knowledge and tools to eliminate the most serious labor and human rights abuses in global supply chains.



We provide global companies and their supply chain partners with integrated assessment, research, consulting, and training services to address the root causes of unsafe, unfair, or illegal labor practices in their supply chains.

A worker measures a garment

Patagonia engaged Verité to conduct focused foreign contract worker (FCW) assessments, which revealed that it can take FCWs at material supplier factories in Taiwan up to two years of a three-year employment contract to pay off recruitment-related debt. Following the initial baseline FCW assessments, Verité worked with Patagonia to develop and roll out comprehensive Migrant Worker Employment Standards and Implementation Guidance covering the entire employment relationship.

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Our Work

We believe that labor rights are human rights. We provide the knowledge and tools needed to address the worst forms of child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, and systemic gender discrimination across regions and sectors.


This website has been created to provide users with insight into the trafficking risks associated with the operation of specific global supply chains in the region. Reports on 22 African export commodities and all 49 sub-Saharan African countries provide information about industry and national characteristics relevant to trafficking risk. Also included on the site are additional resources for companies and others interested in establishing compliance systems to prevent and address trafficking risks.

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We offer an unbiased understanding of working conditions in global supply chains through our network of researchers. Our analysis and recommendations provide actionable insight to companies, governments, and others.

Verite Forced Labor Commodity Atlas
The link between commodities and some of the worst forms of labor abuse in the global economy is coming under increasing scrutiny from stakeholders around the world. Several global campaigns seek to raise public awareness about goods produced under forced labor conditions and modern forms of slavery. The Verité Forced Labor Commodity Atlas contributes to those efforts. Stay tuned as the Commodity Atlas continues to be updated to include a total of 43 commodities.

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A group of workers from Sheva Bangladesh

Upcoming Public Trainings

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 24-28, 2018

Shenzhen, China (in Mandarin) October 15-19, 2018

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