China Online Training Center Screenshot

We’re very excited to formally introduce our new online training program for workers in China. Our web-based Worker Training Center—providing resources bilingually in Chinese and English—currently offers 10 cartoon- and live
video-format modules
on labor and life skills topics requested by workers.

These modules—providing workers with knowledge and channels to resolve workplace issues and protect their own health and safety—feature recurring characters who, through humor and personal charm, highlight issues and solutions in everyday factory situations. After engaging with the videos, students are provided with interactive prompts to measure their reactions, understanding, and commitment to new behaviors.

The Worker Training Center not only benefits workers, but suppliers too—offering cost-effective and worker-chosen training topics to improve worker satisfaction, performance, and worker-management communication.

If your company is interested in the Worker Training Center and what it has to offer, we’d love you to sample the modules and consider sharing a description and links with your suppliers or membership.

For more detailed information on the modules offered, as well as pricing structures, please download the flyer and contact Lydia Long, Senior Program Director.

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