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The Online Worker Training Center provides China-based suppliers with a cost-effective way to train workers on rights, responsibilities, and wellness to improve satisfaction and performance while offering support for worker-management communication and grievance resolution.

The ten engaging modules, four focusing on Labor Rights and six focusing on Life Skills, make learning entertaining and enjoyable for workers. Interactive prompts measure student reactions, understanding, and commitment to new behaviors. The modules teach essential skills and mechanisms to identify and resolve workplace issues in addition to providing life skills information to promote the personal health and safety of workers.

The web-based training center provides resources bilingually in Chinese and English and currently offers ten cartoon- and live video-format modules on the labor and life skills topics most requested by workers.

These modules feature recurring characters who, through humor and personal charm, highlight issues and solutions in everyday factory situations. After engaging with the videos, students are provided with interactive prompts to measure their reactions, understanding, and commitment to new behaviors.

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Available Online Courses

Labor Rights

Life Skills

Communication and Grievance

In this course, students will use the problems the protagonist–Da Qiang–encounters to understand the reasons for his daily communication failures and they will learn the five elements of effective interpersonal communication. The course will assist students to navigate grievance procedures, improve communication skills, and create efficient working relationships. By the end of this course, students will have a good understanding of the common communication channels and grievance procedures in a factory.

Basics on Labor Law

This course uses the stories of Ray and his fellow workers who fight for their rights and work to help students better understand labor laws regarding work hours, wages, paid leave, and work-related injuries. It is essential to have an in-depth understanding of labor laws  in order to protect workers’ rights. After taking this course, students will be able to stand up for their legitimate rights and interests when they encounter similar situations.

Core Labor Rights

Through the story of Little Sparrow in search of true love, this course explains what core labor rights are and elaborates on child labor, juvenile workers, forced labor, discrimination, humane treatment, and freedom of association. By the end of this course, students will know what the law strictly prohibits and how to claim their core rights.

Labor Contract Law

Through the work experiences of Da Qiang at two different factories, the course presents common labor contract issues that a worker may encounter during the employment process. The course informs students of the meaning of signing a labor contract and how the contract safeguards workers’ legitimate rights. By the end of this course, students will be acquainted with the essential terms of a labor contract, the meaning of the probation period, and the conditions for unilateral termination of the labor contract.

Personal Hygiene and Infectious Disease Prevention

Through the story of Da Qiang and his co-workers fighting infectious diseases, this course explains the importance of personal hygiene and introduces good personal hygiene habits. Personal hygiene covers not only the cleanliness of one’s body and clothes, but also a clean surrounding environment. This course explains how infectious diseases are spread and how to prevent infection. Learning basic preventative methods is essential to combat common infectious diseases, including influenza, tuberculosis, dysentery, and hepatitis.

Nutrition and Health

In this course, students will take a closer look at several workers’ meals during a typical day to better understand the relationship between nutrition and health. With an increasing number of food options today, it is more important then ever  to practice healthy eating habits. This course helps clarify several common misunderstandings about healthy eating. By following simple guidelines of a diet pyramid, students can easily learn how to have a balanced diet, keep away from unhealthy food, and build up good eating habits.

Stress Management

Through the experiences of Ray, a worker who is often stressed out, students learn how to manage stress and to identify red flags. A fast-paced lifestyle and highly competitive work conditions may cause damage to a worker’s physical and mental health. By the end of this course, students will be able to deal proactively with the sources of stress and to consciously adjust their mindsets to ensure a good work-life balance.

Budgeting and Personal Finance

Through the story of Da Qiang, who leads a happy life by carefully managing his financial assets, this course explains the relationship between saving and spending, as well as the importance of financial management to an individual. Personal money management is important at each stage of any individual or household’s life-cycle. After completing the course, students will understand financial management concepts better and will be able to find a budgeting solution that suits them best.

Interpersonal Relationships

Through the example of Da Qiang, an innocent young man learning to build interpersonal relationships, students learn how to handle daily challenges that may jeopardize these valuable relationships. The course teaches the secrets of managing interpersonal relationships: open-mindedness and genuine respect for others. By comparing Da Qiang’s life situations before and after he pays attention to the way he deals with other people, students will appreciate the positive changes Da Qiang makes by improving his interpersonal skills.

Self Protection and Anti-Sexual Harassment

Through several female workers’ experiences with love, this course teaches students essential self-protection skills in case of premarital sex as well as workplace sexual harassment. Today, with people having more liberal attitudes to sex, it is increasingly important for both women and men to gain a proper understanding of sexual relationships and know how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. This course will also introduce effective contraceptive measures and safe abortion methods.

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