Online Worker Training Center: China

Empowering Workers With Knowledge and Skills Through Edutainment

With the advancement of technology as well as the need for supply chain management, it has been increasingly difficult to meet the demands of trainees and enterprises with traditional training methods. Especially for large-scale enterprises, training large numbers of employees is costly and inflexible. In response, Verité has used its years of experience to develop online courses on a training website.

We not only utilize the online platform to reach a large number of participants, we also extend the philosophy and methods of experiential learning to online courses. The core learning contents are delivered in an engaging way through live action and animated videos in order for participants to effectively master relevant knowledge and skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

Verité offers 40 e-learning courses on occupational health and safety (OHS) related issues, worker life skills, and labor rights that teach through entertainment to increase comprehension and retention of information and problem-solving. Download a pdf with a full course listing >

The Training Platform includes:

  • Pre- and post-training quizzes for each course

  • A participant self-assessment for each course

  • A learning management dashboard to capture participants’ progress, evaluate their understanding of the content, and track quiz results and accumulated points

  • Gamification opportunities: Training points can be used to incentivize participants and gamify individual or team learning

  • A consultation center where workers can submit questions and correspond with trainers

  • Additional resources, including Chinese laws and regulations and course-related reading materials

Course Access

Participants register on the training site for authorization to access the courses. The courses are conducted in Chinese, with some featuring English-language closed captions. The training website includes navigation and course introductions in English. PC and mobile versions are both available, and participants can access courses via computer and/or smart phone.

Sample Clip: Communication and Grievances

Sample Clip: Stress Management


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Benefits to Workers:

  • Improved understanding of their rights and responsibilities to safeguard their interests

  • Knowledge and skills to identify and participate in resolving workplace issues

  • Basic occupational health and safety knowledge and skills to prevent illness and injury

  • Life skills and knowledge to maintain physical and mental health and advance development opportunities

Benefits to Suppliers:

  • A better-educated, productive workforce: Verité’s cost-effective and comprehensive worker training programs cover a diverse range of topics, offering practical guidance and information

  • Positive, safer working environments improve workers’ sense of value, job satisfaction, and engagement with work

  • Trainings support worker-management communication and grievance resolution

  • Courses are compliant with training requirements dictated by national laws and clients’ codes of conduct