Forced Labor E-Learning Courses (FREE)

Increase your knowledge of supply chain accountability.


For those who want to increase their knowledge of supply chain accountability, Verité offers two free introductory E-Learning Courses: Forced Labor and Human Trafficking.

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Forced Labor

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Human Trafficking

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Training Calendar

Ethical Recruitment Auditor Training – NEW!

2020 Calendar:
Bangkok, Thailand: postponed
Taiwan: May 5-8 postponed >>

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RBA Lead Auditor Course
This is CQI – IRCA certified course 1749.
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Registration Open:
Shenzhen, China (5-day class in Mandarin): July 13-17 >>
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (5-day class): August 3-7 tentative >>

Upcoming in 2020:

Penang, Malaysia (5-day class): March 23-27 postponed  >>
Phoenix area, USA (4-day class, 12 participant max) postponed  >>
London - Heathrow (4-day class, 12 participant max)

Able to host or have a suggested location for a training? Contact us