Ethical Recruitment Auditor Training

This course unpacks the basics of forced labor, its root causes, and ethical recruitment standards.

This experiential workshop for lead auditors simulates a site investigation of forced labor indicators, including documents review and ‘live’ interviews of migrant workers, employers and labor agents.

Scheduled Trainings
Bangkok, Thailand: Postponed
Taiwan: May 5-8 July >>

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The workshop is structured around a mock audit and includes a blend of lecture, discussion, group work, role play, and interviewing skills demonstration and practice. Sessions cover:
  • The drivers of forced labor risk in the recruitment/labor broker system and employment practices
  • How to plan for effective on-site ethical recruitment and employment auditing
  • The role of management systems and critical risk controls for work site and labor supply chain due diligence
  • Critical data sources and how to use triangulation for validation of findings
  • Selection and analysis of key documents, including payroll
  • Effective engagement with managers and labor brokers
  • Effective rapport building and interviewing of uniquely vulnerable migrant workers
  • Analysis of audit data and reporting of findings
What students have said about the Verité Ethical Recruitment Auditing course:
  • “At first, I was expecting a common (a basic) and typical social training, but these four days guided me to know, and realize, social audits are challenging, and they are subjective. The training was amazing!”
  • “Extremely helpful. Ethical recruitment remains a sensitive issue and it’s good that we are trained on the topic.”
  • “Very robust, and all social auditors should definitely attend at least once.”
  • “I valued the specific examples that [the trainer] provided during her sessions the most. Experience sharing is most helpful to relate to our own experiences.”

Training Calendar

Ethical Recruitment Auditor Training – NEW!

2020 Calendar:
Bangkok, Thailand: postponed
Taiwan: May 5-8 July >>

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RBA Lead Auditor Course
This is CQI – IRCA certified course 1749.
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Registration Open:
Penang, Malaysia (5-day class): March 23-27 postponed  >>
Phoenix area,USA June 2-5 (4-day class, 12 participant max) >>
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (5-day class): August 3-7 >>

Upcoming Dates for 2020:

London-Heathrow (4-day class, 12 participant max)
Shenzhen, China (5-day class in Mandarin)

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