We provide training to brand CSR and procurement staff, auditors, facilities, workers, government actors, and NGOS globally.

Our solution-oriented training programs provide practical tools, skills, and knowledge to build controls into everyday business practices.

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Program Expertise:

  • Bridge gaps in systems and processes

  • Overcome implementation obstacles

  • Deepen commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values

  • Create sustainable improvements

  • Empower workers to participate in solutions

Our in-person and online curriculum includes:

  • Forced Labor & Human Trafficking

  • Verité Systems Approach (VSA) for Brands, Suppliers, and Auditors

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • RBA (formerly EICC) Code of Interpretation

  • Lead Auditor Investigative Skills

  • Code of Conduct and Special Issues for Suppliers

  • Worker Participation and Empowerment Programs

  • Life Skills for Workers

Pentland Brands are very pleased to have worked with Verité in the design and delivery of our global Modern Slavery training. Engaging people and cultures worldwide requires a partner with global reputation, experience and reach. Verité ticked all the boxes.”


Train factory workers in China on how to participate in improving workplace conditions.

The Project
Verité’s staff and subject matter experts facilitate on-site workshops engaging factory workers in interactive sessions on topics including China labor law, workplace health and safety, and elective modules on health, hygiene, and social skills.

The training program educates workers on their labor and human rights and empowers them to exercise those rights.

Verité also provides training workshops for EILEEN FISHER factory managers in China. To encourage collaboration, these trainings typically bring all managers to a single site in Shenzhen, China. The workshops cover subjects ranging from environmental sustainability to factory management systems to EILEEN FISHER workplace values.

Case Study: Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)

Establish and conduct an auditor course.

The Project
Since 2010, Verité has been the worldwide exclusive certified trainer for the RBA (formerly EICC) Labor & Ethics Lead Auditor Training.

The course provides participants with the competencies necessary to successfully perform EICC Labor & Ethics Validated Audit Process (VAP) audits.

The highly interactive five-day workshop covers social systems auditing, investigative skills, management systems, validation, and reporting.

Included in the course is an online self-study module covering the background and context of the EICC program, common labor issues, compliance and legal standards, and other knowledge content.

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Case Study: Online Worker Training Center

Educate factory workers on labor and life skills

The Project
Verité’s web-based Worker Training Center currently offers 40 animated and live action video modules on occupational health and safety (OHS) related issues, worker life skills, and labor rights. The courses are conducted in Chinese, with some featuring English-language closed captions.

Modules provide workers with knowledge and channels to resolve workplace issues and protect their own health and safety.

Videos feature recurring characters in everyday situations who illuminate issues and their solutions with humor and personal appeal. Interactive quizzes measure each student’s reactions and understanding of the new knowledge and behaviors taught.

For more information, visit our Online Worker Training Center.  The content development was generously supported by a grant from The Walt Disney Company.