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We conduct comprehensive audits, investigations, screenings, and reviews to provide insight into working conditions – including forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor – in global supply chains. Our approach centers on workers’ voices and provides stakeholders with actionable recommendations to address root causes of non-compliance.

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We guide companies in strengthening internal and supply chain management systems that proactively control risks to the business and its employees. Our broad expertise allows us to support clients across industries in strategic planning, integrating social responsibility requirements into sourcing decisions, and cascading accountability throughout their value chains.  

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We undertake independent, high-quality, original research on key issues and challenges in responsible supply chain sourcing. We leverage our grassroots access to provide a unique, bottom-up, objective view of labor conditions at the commodity, product, sector, and country level.

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We design and deliver in-person and web-based solution-oriented training programs that provide the knowledge, skills, and practical tools to corporate staff, suppliers, and auditors to detect and effectively address the root causes of legal, code, and compliance program violations.