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Forced Labor Risk in Japan’s Technical Intern Training Program: Exploration of Indicators among Chinese Trainees Seeking Remedy

Japan’s steadily declining native workforce has created a dependence on low-skilled foreign labor. This, in turn, has created a vulnerable foreign workforce at risk for suffering myriad labor abuses. Japan’s Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) attracts hundreds of thousands of workers each year, primarily from other Asian countries. From 2015 to 2017, Verité collected and analyzed testimonies of Chinese trainees in the TITP program who had submitted complaints to a local migrant advocacy organization. The findings are available in the new paper Forced Labor Risk in Japan’s Technical Intern Training Program: Exploration of Indicators among Chinese Trainees Seeking Remedy.

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What We’re Talking About This Summer

Forced Labor in the Malaysian Electronics Industry The Atlantic reports in a recent article that references Verité, "Poor people around the world are streaming into Malaysia in search of factory work. Once they arrive, they often find only hardship." A #MeToo Movement...

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Introducing CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™

Verité formally unveiled the CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™ membership platform on June 11th at the Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment and Employment 2018 in Singapore. CUMULUS is a technology-driven (patent pending) approach to using shared data for labor supply mapping and forced labor risk screening in supply chains.

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Gap Inc. Engages Workers to Drive Supplier Social Responsibility Performance

The findings reported in a new white paper from Gap Inc. and Verité, Employing Workers’ Sense of Value as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to Drive Facility Improvement in Social Responsibility, demonstrate that taking a worker-centric approach to sustainable supplier performance improvement can be mutually beneficial to both workers and management.

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Benchmark Report in Technology Sector

Forced labor is prevalent in the manufacture of the technology we rely on every day. KnowTheChain has produced its second ICT Benchmark Report ranking 40 global technology companies on how they address forced labor in their supply chains. The initial report was...

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New Child Labor Inspection Curriculum

A crucial step toward combating child labor is to educate and empower those who are in a position to identify incidences and take action.  With this goal in mind, Verité, in partnership with Winrock International and with the support of the U.S. Department of Labor...

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What We’re Talking About in June 2018

Raising Awareness of Modern Slavery in the Bali Process The Bali Process Government and Business Forum (BPGBF) has launched a new video and website to raise awareness in the region about the issue of modern slavery and how government and business can work together to...

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Verité Global Summit 2018

The pace of work at Verité often means conversations across the Verité global network focus on the nuts and bolts of report writing, assessments, trainings, and tool development, among other projects. Rarely do we find the time to reflect on long-term approaches to tackling global labor abuses and considering our evolution as a global network to meet those challenges. This past April, thirty-four Verité partners paused in their day-to-day commitments to gather in Bangkok to share and strategize about the issues most critical to the Verité network’s goal of promoting fair, safe, and legal work.

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Promoting Ethical Recruitment from Kenya to Qatar

As part of a multi-year project supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Verité and the International Organization for Migration are arranging a study tour and roundtable discussion in Qatar for a newly formed association called the Association of Skilled Migrant Worker Agencies of Kenya (ASMAK), which is made up of Kenyan private employment agents (PEAs) that are committed to ethical recruitment practices.

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Verité in the News

Read coverage of Verité’s work in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, The Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times, and others.