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Accountability Framework Initiative Call to Action

The time for ethical supply chains is now.
Leading NGOs call on companies to follow the Accountability Framework to end ecosystem destruction and human rights violations in the production, trade, and finance of beef, palm oil, pulp, timber, soy, and other commodities.

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What We’re Talking About in September

Groundbreaking Agreement to Combat Sexual Harassment at a Major Garment Supplier | A First Look at Employers Using the J-1 Summer Work Travel Visa | The Outlaw Ocean: Journeys Across the Last Untamed Frontier by Ian Urbina

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Verité Wishes Senior Consultant Jacqui MacDonald a Warm Farewell

Fair trade and ethical business expert Jacqui MacDonald is stepping down from her long-time role as a Verité Senior Consultant. Throughout her distinguished career, Jacqui has been a passionate advocate for gender equity and the fair treatment of farmers within global economic systems.

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Thank You, 2019 Summer Interns!

Over the summer, Verité welcomed eight interns to work on projects across multiple departments. Summer interns made meaningful contributions to our organization, from helping us integrate gender perspectives into our work to researching the role of labor brokers across sectors, in addition to other interesting and important work.

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The COFFEE Project Launches in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico

With funding from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs (USDOL-ILAB), Verité is launching the three-year Cooperation On Fair, Free, Equitable Employment (COFFEE) Project. The project involves the creation of a robust compliance system and toolkit on improving labor conditions in the coffee sector, as well as trainings and guidance on implementation of the toolkit.

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At Risk in the Recycling Sector Supply Chain

The environmental benefits of the large-scale recycling industry are significant — landfill waste is reduced, pollution is minimized, greenhouse gases are reduced, and natural resources are preserved, among others. In many locations, the recycling sector is rapidly expanding as companies, governments, and NGOs recognize the critical impact recycling can make. However, what is often hidden in these efforts are the abusive and often hazardous conditions under which material is collected for reuse.

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What We’re Talking About This Summer

ILO Passes Historic Treaty to End Workplace Harassment | Labour Issues in the Coffee Sector | Where Does Your Plastic Go? | A Business Case for Ethical Recruitment by Kenyan Private Employment Agencies (PEAs) | Social Value to Gain Stronger Foothold in UK Government Procurement

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Verité Paper Explores Challenges in Formal and Informal Labor Migration to Thailand

Verité conducted desk and field research to map out how jobseekers in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Lao PDR learn about jobs in Thailand, weigh risk factors and choose among the routes open to them. Through interviews with people on or connected with this journey, a picture emerged of a highly complex arena in which the needs of jobseekers, job-finders, employers, regulators, facilitators, and profiteers meet.

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Improving the Enforcement of Child Labor Laws in Five Countries

The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that 152 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor. For the past four years, Verité partnered with Winrock International and Lawyers Without Borders to address this problem by providing technical assistance to governments in five countries: Burkina Faso, Liberia, Nepal, Belize, and Panama. The project had three goals: to improve governments’ response to child labor, decrease the number of children exploited, and increase awareness of child labor in the private sector.

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Nestlé admits to forced labour in its seafood supply chain in Thailand

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U.S. firms, consumers can’t ignore abuses against Mexican farmworkers

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