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Verité Global Summit 2018

The pace of work at Verité often means conversations across the Verité global network focus on the nuts and bolts of report writing, assessments, trainings, and tool development, among other projects. Rarely do we find the time to reflect on long-term approaches to tackling global labor abuses and considering our evolution as a global network to meet those challenges. This past April, thirty-four Verité partners paused in their day-to-day commitments to gather in Bangkok to share and strategize about the issues most critical to the Verité network’s goal of promoting fair, safe, and legal work.

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Promoting Ethical Recruitment from Kenya to Qatar

As part of a multi-year project supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Verité and the International Organization for Migration are arranging a study tour and roundtable discussion in Qatar for a newly formed association called the Association of Skilled Migrant Worker Agencies of Kenya (ASMAK), which is made up of Kenyan private employment agents (PEAs) that are committed to ethical recruitment practices.

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Verité Cares About Your Data Privacy

Vision Newsletter includes information on Verité programs, resources, and news, as well as developments in the field of labor rights. We only use your information to email you the Vision Newsletter, and occasionally information about, or events facilitated by, Verité. We will never pass your information on to others without your express permission.

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Contract Labor in India

India consistently ranks as the world’s largest recipient of remittances from its overseas community. Of the estimated 25 million Indian nationals living abroad, approximately 40 percent live and work in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. Verité has been highlighting the exploitation faced by semi or unskilled Indian workers in the GCC and other regions for many years. The March issue of Vision highlighted the launch of a new project, supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor to promote safe and fair migration from India to the GCC states.

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Safe & Fair Migration: East Africa to the GCC

With support from the US Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Verité continues work with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Kenya, civil society organizations, the Government of Kenya, recruitment industry actors, as well as employers in GCC countries to promote safe and fair migration between East Africa and GCC countries. This project recognizes that East African migrants to the GCC countries are among the most vulnerable, as East Africa has become the new frontier for recruiting labor for low wage jobs in GCC countries.

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Working with Women Worldwide

Verité’s vision is a world where people work under safe, fair, and legal conditions. Yet, as we scan the globe, it’s all too obvious that women workers are still particularly vulnerable to labor rights abuses across all sectors and geographies. Therefore our work requires a special focus on how women are treated in the workplace and how gender inequality can exacerbate labor and human rights abuses in global supply chains. Looking just as the most severe form of labor exploitation – forced labor – the gender dimensions are clear: according to the International Labour Organization, nearly 60 percent of workers in conditions of forced labor are women.

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Verité’s Commitment to Diversity

At Verité, we recognize that diversity is crucial not only because we strive to create a socially just and inclusive society, but also because diverse backgrounds strengthen and improve our organization and its work. Verité is proud to announce a new initiative at our Amherst headquarters. Last month, we launched the Diversity and Inclusivity Committee with a vision to create an inclusive environment and culture for our entire organization.

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