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What is CUMULUS?

Verité’s CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™ is a cost-effective, technology-driven approach to identifying forced labor and human trafficking risk in global supply chains. Through a secure online platform, member companies can map their labor supply chains and assess risks introduced by supply chain partners’ recruitment practices and labor agents.

How Does It Work?

Member companies securely share pre-competitive labor supply chain data about recruitment practices and labor agents with Verité, an independent subject-matter expert. Company data is fused with targeted field research and publicly available risk information, then analyzed by Verité to develop comprehensive risk profiles. Common exposure among members to validated risky practices and labor agents is shared across the platform in a confidential and redacted fashion.

What Does a CUMULUS Membership Provide?

A web-based dashboard interface that shows the complex network of entities that comprise a company’s labor supply chain. Members are provided with previously-unavailable, actionable, data-driven information to highlight prioritized due diligence and recommended preventive measures.

Available data includes:

  • Labor supply chain mapping
  • Supply chain facility and labor agent risk profiles
  • Worker counts by country of origin, labor agent and facility
  • Due Diligence and Audit Reports
  • Labor agents and facilities with highest risk factors
  • Highest risk types in members’ labor supply chains by entity
  • Forced labor risk patterns over time
How Can I Use CUMULUS to Assess and Manage Forced Labor Risk?
  • Screen and prioritize facilities and recruitment agents for in-depth scrutiny
  • Brief auditors before forced labor assessments or audits
  • Monitor high risk facilities and recruitment agents between audit cycles
  • Benchmark facility and recruitment agent performance over extended periods
  • Inform capacity building interventions by identified risk patterns
  • Leverage data to compel key facilities and recruitment agents to improve business practices
  • Assess, report and quantify impact
What is the Impact on Workers?

Through CUMULUS, Verité provides credible analytical insights to companies and their supply chain partners, allowing them to better protect workers from labor abuses and build a marketplace for ethical recruitment.

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