Three people walk across fields in China
Earlier this month, Ms. Wenjuan Yao, Verité China Director, led an informal and interactive discussion with stakeholders on emerging issues and trends in the Chinese labor market, and their implications for workers, companies, and policymakers.
The event, graciously hosted by Humanity United at their Washington, D.C. offices, included attendees from a broad cross section of stakeholders, including representatives from government agencies, workers’ rights groups, civil society, multistakeholder initiatives, and industry bodies.
Yao presented on four China-focused themes — emerging issues and regulations in the agriculture sector, the impact of shifting worker demographics in the manufacturing sector, challenges in effectively implementing social compliance programs, and the risks of forced labor facing Chinese migrant workers abroad. Following the brief presentation, there was a lively discussion and exchange among the attendees.
The wide-ranging conversation addressed policy and compliance issues, and delved into specific areas of concern and interest for some of the participants, such as the potential impact of the recent enactment of amendments to the North Korea Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act of 2016. The amendments create a presumption that goods made by North Korean citizens or nationals, anywhere in the world, are made with forced labor. Attendees also explored reasons for increased demand of workers for social insurance coverage, as well as why sometimes, in the Chinese context, the turnover rate of workers may not be a good business indicator.
For further information on the session or topics discussed, please contact Wenjuan Yao.

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