Trafficking Risk in Sub-Saharan African Supply Chains

Outline of the Continent of Africa

The sub-Saharan region of Africa has acted as a supplier of labor and raw materials to the rest of the world for centuries, often under terms that have resulted in harm to African people and nations. Corporations and governments have a responsibility to minimize the risks to human rights associated with global economic activity in Africa, including the risk of human trafficking. This website has been created to provide users with insight into the trafficking risks associated with the operation of specific global supply chains in the region.


The core of the site consists of reports on 22 major African export commodities, and on all 49 sub-Saharan African countries. These reports provide information about industry and national characteristics relevant to trafficking risk, as well as an analysis of specific trafficking risk factors associated with each commodity and country. In addition, the site also provides guidance on understanding trafficking risk and additional resources for companies and others interested in establishing compliance systems and other programming to prevent and address trafficking risk within global supply chains.

Learn about trafficking risk in specific African supply chains.

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Learn about trafficking risk in specific sub-Saharan countries.

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