Our Vision is a World Where People Work Under Safe, Fair, and Legal Conditions.

Verité® provides the knowledge and tools to eliminate the most serious labor and human rights abuses in global supply chains.  Learn more >


2019 in Review: A Year of Impact, Achievement, and Optimism

Please join us in a review of selected notable projects from 2019.

New Auditor Training: Ethical Recruitment

The course includes an online context-setting knowledge module that unpacks the root causes of forced labor and ethical recruitment standards.

Featured Resources

Commodity Atlas

Learn about specific commodities and their relationship to forced labor.

Verité Publications

Access and download research reports and white papers.



We conduct comprehensive audits to provide insight into working conditions in global supply chains. Learn more


We guide companies in strengthening supply chain management systems to proactively control risks. Learn more

CUMULUS Forced Labor Screen™

Member-companies access a technology-driven platform that maps labor supply chains and proactively screens for forced labor risk. Learn more


We deliver training programs for stakeholders that provide the skills to detect and address legal and code violations. Learn More


We undertake research on key issues in responsible sourcing, providing an objective view of labor conditions. Learn more

Across sectors, industries, and countries, we develop tools, implement programs, and conduct research to take aim at serious labor issues.

Sector Expertise:  Agriculture | Apparel | Construction | Electronics | Extractives | Financial Services | Food & Beverage | Footwear | Hard Goods | Healthcare | Hospitality | Pharmaceuticals | Toys

Focus Issues: Forced Labor | Human Trafficking | Child Labor | Gender Discrimination | Unethical Recruitment | Transparency and Due Diligence

We have a history of work in over 70 countries with a global network of experts in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Australia.

Public Trainings

Auditor Courses

Ethical Recruitment Auditor Training – NEW!

2020 Calendar:
Bangkok, Thailand: February 10-13 >>
Taiwan: May 5-8 >>
Singapore: TBD

Learn more

RBA Lead Auditor Course
This is CQI – IRCA certified course 1749.
Learn more

Registration Open:
Penang, Malaysia (5-day class): March 23-27  >>
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (5-day class): August 3-7 >>

Upcoming in 2020:

US (4-day class, 12 participant max)
London-Heathrow (4-day class, 12 participant max)
Shenzhen, China (5-day class in Mandarin)


Able to host or have a suggested location for a training? Contact us

RBA E-Training

The RBA (formerly EICC) Code Standards: Labor, Ethics and Management System

This interactive course unpacks the 60 audit criteria making up the labor, ethics, and management system pillars of the RBA Code.

Learn more

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