White Papers

Corruption and Labor Trafficking in Global Supply Chains

In this white paper, Verité outlines how trafficking-related activities in global supply chains include corruption, bribery, and other conduct that could result in liability for companies subject to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) jurisdiction. It also provides guidance on how and where companies should respond to the specific compliance risks associated with labor trafficking.


Sustainable Palm Oil? Promoting New Measures to Combat Risks of Forced Labor and Human Trafficking in Palm Oil Supply Chains

Palm oil is almost ubiquitous. It is in our food products, our cosmetics and our detergents, increasingly the most common vegetable oil used in our kitchens and a growing staple of the bio-fuels industry around the world. Fifty million tons of the vegetable oil are produced each year, and this figure is growing to meet global demand that is set to double by the year 2020. In this White Paper, Verité argues that multiple strategies will be needed to promote a truly sustainable palm oil, involving stakeholders from across business, investors, civil society and public policy working in partnership both inside and outside the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Compliance is Not Enough: Best Practices in Responding to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act has focused company attention on the presence of human trafficking and modern-day slavery in supply chains. Yet standard social compliance responses will not be adequate to reduce company risks - or worker vulnerability - to these egregious problems. In this White Paper, Verité outlines the content of the Act, the sources of trafficking and forced labor risk, and what is necessary in order to address these problems adequately in supply chain production.

For Workers' Benefit: Solving Overtime Problems in Chinese Factories

If your brand sources from Chinese factories, chronic, illegal overtime may be imposed on employees without your knowledge. While the Chinese government has developed a regulatory system to provide protections, it is often misused to enable the very overtime it was designed to alleviate. Our white paper provides solutions. Also available in Chinese. 阅读本文的中文版本。

The Electronics Sector in Malaysia: A Case Study in Migrant Workers' Risk of Forced Labor

Conditions of forced labor exist in Malaysia's electronics industry. For the past ten years, Verité has seen and documented a distressing trend - migrant workers in Malaysia electronics factories recounting disturbingly similar stories of recruitment into the sector under conditions of deception, debt bondage, harrassment and abuse, and other situations that can lead to forced labor. Our new White Paper demonstrates how to eliminate the risks.