June 2014


The Cost of a Job: 
Verité's New Initiative Tackles Root Cause of Modern Day Slavery

The issue of labor exploitation through debt has been a focus for us for over a decade. This month, we are pleased to introduce our new microsite to highlight the “Cost of a Job”—referring to the millions of workers who pay for employment, rather than getting paid for employment. The Cost of a Job joins our other forced labor initiatives—Help Wanted and Resources for Responsible Recruitment—to provide awareness, practical tools and resources to help companies, governments, NGOs, investors, and other stakeholders join us in identifying and tackling the root cause of modern day slavery. [Read more]

Latest News: 
Secretary Kerry Highlights Verité's Work During Release of 2014 TIP Report

Secretary of State John Kerry highlighted Verité’s work to define good practice for companies and federal contractors with the Executive Order on Human Trafficking in Federal Procurement. In his remarks on the release of the 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report, he said, "And that's why we’re teaming up with Verité, an award-winning labor-rights NGO, in order to develop a range of resources for businesses committed to eradicating this scourge, from trainings and awareness programs to plans for recruitment and fair wages and housing.” [Read more]

From the Field: 
Impact of Verité
's Groundbreaking Gold Research

Verité's research on Indicators of Forced Labor and Human Trafficking in Illegal Gold Mining in Peru continues to have impact. Adding to the extensive media attention our work has already garnered, at the end of May 2014 the Business News Network (BNN) interviewed Quinn Kepes, our lead researcher, about this groundbreaking research, and Secretary of State John Kerry highlighted these findings in his remarks during the release of the 2014 Trafficking in Persons report last week. [Read more]

Perspectives on the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act


An emerging compliance regime requires companies to disclose their efforts to address supply chain labor issues, and in particular risks of forced labor. Chief among these is the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, which has now been in force for nearly two years. Ed Marcum of Humanity United, the foundation that has driven attention to Act compliance through its “KnowTheChain” initiative, shares perspective on what good practice looks like in his blog post. [Read more