Vision December 2015

December 2015 

What We're Talking About: Verité Wishes Senior Program Director, Robin Jaffin, a Warm Goodbye

Farewell Robin! We bid a fond but poignant good-bye to our friend and longest-serving staffer, Robin Jaffin, who has decided to leave Verité in the middle of January 2016 to explore different areas of interest. Since she joined Verité in 1998, Robin's contribution to Verité has been immeasurable. By building and maintaining best-in-class audit programs, by extending Verite’s work into agriculture, by building strong relationships with human rights NGOs, by holding companies accountable for impact, by helping the world understand more about the way in which workers are vulnerable, she has set a standard for staff in our organization, and indeed for performance of the modern anti-sweatshop movement around the world. We will miss Robin and wish her well. Read more.

The Cost Of A Job: Verité CEO Dan Viederman Discusses New AP Human Slavery Report on CBC 

verite cost of a job - shrimp

On the heels of the news of Verité's assessment with Nestle's Thai Shrimp supply chain, a new AP investigative report has discovered child labor and human slavery in several other global seafood supply chains. In the report, AP tracked shrimp from different sites in Thailand which then made its way to some of the largest retailers and restaurant brands in the world. To discuss this major new report, Verité CEO Dan Viederman spoke to CBC about how and why this occurs as well as examples of how consumers and companies can take steps to gain greater knowledge and help alleviate these issues. Watch the appearance on CBC here.

From The Field: A New Resource For Eliminating Recruitment Fees Charged to Migrant Workers

recruitment verite

Verité has teamed up with the UN Global Compact to produce a new resource for companies and other stakeholders designed to inspire action to eliminate the recruitment fees charged to migrant workers that so often lead to debt bondage, forced labour and other forms of abuse. The guidance complements our joint call to action published last year on the retention of identity documents, and calls on companies to establish better migrant protections at each stage of the migration and employment cycle. It presents a clear case for action and sets out practical, implementable steps on detection and prevention, on remedy, and on collective engagement and policy advocacy. Read more.

Latest News: Support Verité's Work to Keep Vulnerable Workers Safe

We accomplished a lot this year. If you appreciate our work, please support us by clicking HERE. Selected 2015 highlights include: At a meeting convened by Secretary of State Kerry at the White House in January, we released a report highlighting the riskiest sectors at the intersection of Trafficking in Persons and government procurement.  In June,The Atlantic reportedon our work with Patagonia to address forced labor in apparel production in Taiwan. 

In November, Nestle released the results of an assessment of its fish supply chain including our findings of high risk practices on fishing boats, processing plants and shrimp farms, as well as the company's action plan to address these vulnerabilities. Read more.