October 2014


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Verité has always relied on philanthropic support to bring to light the systemic human and labor rights problems hidden in global supply chains. Again this year, we are fortunate to be part of the Skoll Foundation’s CrowdRise Social Entrepreneurship Challenge. Please consider supporting us; even a small donation leverages donor funds in pursuit of a mission that we can all get behind. [Read more

What Should Electronics Brands and Suppliers Do to Address Risks of Forced Labor in Their Supply Chains?

Verité’s two-year study of labor conditions in electronics manufacturing in Malaysia found that one in three foreign workers surveyed was in a condition of forced labor. We explore problems and solutions in more detail. [Read more]

From the Field: 
Undocumented Workers in U.S. Garment Factories: Companies' and Workers' Interests Align

by Quinn Kepes, Program Manager

The U.S. garment sector, concentrated in New York and California, employs a large number of undocumented workers. Early in 2014, Verité was contracted by a well-known garment brand to carry out research and present a report on the employment of undocumented workers in the garment sector, the risks faced by these workers, and the steps that brands and others in the private sector should take to ensure that their rights are respected. [Read more]

The Cost of a Job: 
's Malaysia Electronics Report in the News

Our groundbreaking, comprehensive two-year research on forced labor in the Malaysian electronics sector – finding that thirty-two percent (nearly one in three) of foreign migrant workers surveyed were working in conditions of forced labor – has received an astounding amount of coverage in mainstream press. As we'd hoped, the report has helped to facilitate new and productive conversations among electronics companies, as well as between sending country governments and Malaysia. [Read more]