October 2016

Latest News: Verité and Eileen Fisher to Hold Meeting on Vulnerable Immigrant Workers in the U.S.

Eileen Fisher Hosts Meeting on Vulnerable Immigrant Workers
On Wednesday, November 2, 2016 from 3:00pm - 6:00pm, Verité and Eileen Fisher will hold a meeting on vulnerable immigrant workers in the U.S.
Eileen Fisher will host the meeting in their New York City offices with major retailers, garment manufacturers, electronics brands, and agricultural companies to discuss key risks related to immigrant workers employed in the U.S. and ways in which companies can engage to reduce the risk of exploitation of immigrant workers in their supply chains.

Solutions: KnowTheChain Benchmarks the 20 Largest Food & Beverage Companies

KnowTheChain Food & Beverage Benchmark

Verité is pleased to be a core partner in KnowTheChain, which released the Food & Beverage Benchmark this week. 
This benchmark evaluates the 20 largest global food and beverage companies across seven themes related to labor standards including purchasing practices, traceability, and recruitment. The report found that, on the whole, the response to forced labor risk in the food and beverage sector is inadequate.
KnowTheChain provides resources to companies and investors to better understand the forced labor risks in their supply chains and portfolios. A project of Humanity United and maintained in partnership with the Business and Human Rights Resource CenterSustainalytics, and Verité, KnowTheChain released a benchmark on the Information and Communications Technology sector in June and will release the Apparel & Footwear sector benchmark at the end of the year.
The companies at the top of the list include...


From the Field: UK Modern Slavery Act Workshops

UK Modern Slavery Act Training

The emergence of new laws related to forced labor and human trafficking have increased the demand for Verité trainings. The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires that companies raise the internal awareness and skills needed to address the risk of forced labor, which affects approximately 21 million workers globally today. Verité conducted two highly successful trainings - for buyers and for auditors - with that objective in Hong Kong last month. 
Contracted and arranged by Pentland Brandsthe series included two half-day buyers risk flagging modules designed to help procurement staff identify and respond to risk indicators in the systems and practices of vendors and suppliers. Over 40 Pentland Brands employees attended, as well as Pentland Brands' third-party auditors and local staff invited from Next, Marks & Spencer, and adidas Group.  


Cost of a Job: Recruitment of Low-skilled Migrant Workers in the Asia-Arab States Corridor 

Recruitment of Low-Skilled Workers in the Asia-Arab States Corridor

The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Regional Office for Arab States in collaboration with the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, launched a white paper in September, authored by Dr. Ray Jureidini: Ways forward in recruitment of low-skilled migrant workers in Asia-Arab states corridor (also available in Arabic). 
The paper offers a comprehensive assessment of the cross border labor recruitment system in the Asia and Arab States corridor.