The Verité Systems Approach to Social Responsibility: Workshop for Factories - Ho Chi Minh City

Thu, 08/18/2011 - Fri, 08/19/2011

Our two-day practical workshop examines the drivers of social compliance risk in a factory’s current business systems and the operational controls that can proactively manage that risk. Through participatory case studies and other experiential activities, the class focuses on:
►analyzing business processes to identify risks of social and environmental noncompliance
►finding solutions that are practical and sustainable


EICC-GeSI Labor & Ethics Lead Auditor Course: Shenzhen

Mon, 09/05/2011 - Fri, 09/09/2011

This course provides participants with the competencies necessary to successfully perform EICC-GeSI VAP audits. The highly interactive five-day workshop covers social systems auditing, investigative skills, management systems, validation and reporting and the EICC-GeSI Validated Audit Process.
The course includes an on-line self-study module covering the background and context of the EICC-GeSI program, common labor issues, compliance and legal standards, and other knowledge content.


Verité Systems Approach to Social Responsibility - Sample Agenda

Day 1 Learning Objective Day 2 Learning Objective
Module 1: Introduction to the Verité Systems Approach

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WORKSHOP: Fair Hiring Toolkit & Verité Systems Approach for Managing Contract Labor Risks

Interactive Workshop: Our two-day technical workshop introduces our Fair Hiring Toolkit and how to apply it through the Verité Systems Approach (VSA) for managing the critical risks inherent in employing contract, or brokered, workers. The Toolkit derives from our Help Wanted initiative, which is based on years of in-depth global research on the complex mechanisms that lead to debt-bonded and other forms of forced labor. Our holistic Systems Approach focuses on the everyday business processes where the right risk controls can avoid these and other labor abuses.

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