Supply Chain Accountability

Verité performs research and develops tools, guidance and approaches to support responsible supply chain production. Our work increases awareness of the risks of labor abuse in key commodities, and offers strategies to better protect workers. We join with other key stakeholders to identify best practice and promote policy solutions.

Labor Practices in Seafood Production
The production of shrimp, fish, and other seafood often involves extremely exploitative and hazardous conditions for workers, and problems of human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, and other labor abuses are associated with the industry in many parts of the world. Verité’s Program on Responsible Labor Practices in Seafood Production highlights the nature of labor problems in the sector and helps companies and other key stakeholders identify meaningful steps to improve human rights in their seafood supply chains.

Corruption and Labor Trafficking in Global Supply Chains
Verité's Director of Business Development, Declan Croucher, outlines how trafficking-related activities in global supply chains include corruption, bribery, and other fraudulent conduct that could result in liability for companies subject to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) jurisdiction.

Labor Practices in Palm Oil Production
Many labor abuses have been documented on palm plantations across the globe, including child labor, excessive working hours, forced labor, and trafficking of migrant workers. Verité’s Program on Responsible Labor Practices in Palm Oil Production helps companies and other stakeholders respond to these issues through a series of key steps, beginning with understanding and analysis, and ending with direct action to resolve problems. Read more.

Labor Practices in Gold Production
According to the US Department of Labor, gold is one of the goods most widely produced with forced or child labor. Verité’s Program on Responsible Labor Practices in Gold Production clarifies the nature of these abuses in gold mining and manufacturing, and promotes mechanisms to better protect workers across the supply chain. Read more.

Know the Chain
Verité is active in Know the Chain, an innovative online resource for promoting greater transparency around forced labor in global supply chains. It was created to educate companies, investors, policymakers, and consumers about the existence of slavery in supply chains, and to encourage greater disclosure and transparency related to California’s landmark Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB-657), which requires businesses to disclose the efforts they are making, if any, to eradicate human trafficking and slavery from their supply chains.


Our Membership in ATEST 
We are a member of The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST), a coalition of organizations working to end modern-day slavery and human trafficking in the United States and around the world. ATEST advocates for lasting solutions to prevent labor and sex trafficking, with the goal of ensuring that corporations and government supply chains are free from these abuses; and that recruitment and hiring is done ethically. Visit ATEST's website.


Our White Paper about the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act has focused company attention on the presence of human trafficking and modern-day slavery in supply chains. Yet standard social compliance responses will not be adequate to reduce company risks – or worker vulnerability – to these problems. In this White Paper, Verité outlines the content of the Act, the sources of trafficking and forced-labor risk, and what is necessary in order to address these problems adequately in supply chains.

Our Ethical Framework for Cross-Border Recruitment
A new Executive Order Strengthening Protections in Federal Contracts, ensures that goods purchased by the U.S. Government are not tainted by trafficking via exploitative labor recruitment practices at any point in the supply chain. The Executive Order will apply to federal contractors and subcontractors worldwide and provides tools to foster compliance. This Order makes use of Verité's Ethical Framework for Cross-Border Recruitment, done in partnership with Manpower Group. Read more.