Raw Materials

Cocoa Verification

As secretariat, Verité administered and facilitated the activities of the International Cocoa Verification Board (ICVB). We were selected by the cocoa industry in June 2007 to design the Road Map that would lead to credible, independent and transparent verification. The creation of the ICVB was the central outcome of the Road Map's implementation. Verité maintains its unbiased position as we did not have a seat on the board but rather served to facilitate the decision-making process. Read more here. Download the report here.


Tomato Harvesting

Verité partnered with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to implement and monitor the "Fair Food" program for tomato pickers in Florida. We are working with companies that have agreed to work only with suppliers who are paying their workers the "penny-per-pound" increase. Read more here.

Our Work on Tobacco

Verité has worked with Philip Morris International (PMI) for over a year now. The focus of this work has been two-fold: 1) assessing working conditions, and in particular the problem of child labor in tobacco farming, in several locations; and 2) helping to build, among PMI staff and partners, the knowledge of and the capability to respond to workplace problems on tobacco farms. Read more about this initiative here

Forced Labor & Commodities

The link between commodities and some of the worst forms of labor exploitation in the global economy is coming under increasing scrutiny from stakeholders around the world. Several global campaigns seek to raise public awareness about goods produced under forced labor conditions and modern forms of slavery. Our Forced Labor Commodity Atlas contributes to those efforts.