An Ethical Framework for International Labor Recruitment

Verité is pleased to launch, with ManpowerGroup, an innovative mechanism for changing the way that the recruitment industry responds to the scourge of forced labor and human trafficking. 
In many business sectors worldwide, Verité has found that the presence of multiple actors, fragmented governmental authority and lack of knowledge or resources has enabled unscrupulous parties to enter the recruitment system and operate with impunity. 
To respond to this challenge, we have developed a series of specific measures (the “Ethical Framework for Recruitment”) that will improve the ability of responsible firms in different countries, at different stages of the recruitment pipeline, to recognize and selectively partner with one another in upholding ethical standards in cross-border movement of workers. Our solutions are specifically designed to mobilize cooperation among ethical and responsible firms and between those firms and engaged stakeholders in order to reinforce good practices while marginalizing and excluding “bad actors.”
Our Ethical Framework envisions a system in which business can engage with governments, labor unions, NGOs, consumer associations and others to create processes and credentials to further improve the protection of workers migrating globally for work, and to reduce business and reputational risks for firms dealing with a global labor supply. This includes Standards of Ethical Practice (SEP) that build on established and recognized industry best practices as well as core global labor standards. Also included are basic requirements for independent systems to verify and certify compliance, so that any recruitment firm, employer, value chain ‘owner,’ stakeholder or individual migrant can confidently know whether a labor market facilitator is observing and upholding these standards. 
We hope for new, transformative, social and market demand for ethical recruitment practices driven by employers, workers, NGOs, labor unions, consumer groups and all other engaged stakeholders. Our Ethical Framework does not, and cannot, represent a total solution to forced labor and human trafficking. But we believe it can significantly improve transparency, accountability and the wider adoption of leading industry practices among firms that facilitate the global movement of workers.
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