Civil Society

Strengthening Institutions for Worker Empowerment:
Capacity Building in China

Sustained improvements in working conditions will not take hold in China until Chinese civil society can more effectively advocate on behalf of workers. Verité is providing knowledge and skills to Chinese professionals in NGOs and academic institutions so that they can engage labor rights and corporate responsibility issues. One recent output of this on-going program is China's first textbook on corporate responsibility targeted at provincial-level universities, the source of many of China's enterprise managers. Download the report here.

Advancing Women's Rights and Social Responsibility: Capacity Building in Mexico


Building lasting improvements in women’s rights in the workplace in Mexico required taking on long-engrained gender inequality issues. Verité addressed this by applying a model of open communication between workers, managers, and their clients, starting a dialogue to uncover underlying problems. Verité has been successful in ending harmful practices in several factories across Mexico and educating local NGOs on understanding the pressures facing factory mangers. We continue to work with them to build trust and create better conditions. Situations are seeing tangible improvements as workers report an end to unpaid overtime and reductions in workplace harassment. Download the report here.