Well Made - A Verité Initiative

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Well Made is designed to demonstrate publicly how companies can and must do business differently, and how we can reduce exploitation of the most vulnerable workers worldwide, to the benefit of businesses, workers and consumers alike.

Well Made will elevate fair labor as a central part of doing business in the global economy, now and for future generations.

Well Made will push companies to do more, faster and more efficiently.


  • Ensuring that the most powerful companies in the world integrate transformative labor rights protections into business decision-making, by combining technical knowhow with public advocacy.
  • Leveraging trillions of dollars of investor assets to promote effective supply chain social responsibility, redirecting it from non-strategic approaches currently in place.
  • Bringing non-western audiences into the social responsibility discussion, democratizing and broadening the ‘sweatshop’ debate so it focuses on issues of importance rather than sensation.
  • Strengthen Verité so that we can transform the world’s workplace by:
      • Providing growth capital to our entrepreneurial partners in Southeast Asia, China and India.
      • Providing a great place to work or collaborate for those around the world who are committed to supply chain labor rights.
      • Refining measurement of impact so that we can demonstrate the effectiveness of labor rights protections.
      • Launching multi-stakeholder membership programs to accelerate progress around common goals and share best practices around fair labor practices.
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Make sure what you buy is Well Made.

The things we buy and the food we eat are produced in a system that exploits workers around the world. It doesn’t have to be that way. Verité knows how to solve problems faced by vulnerable people around the world. Join us in supporting this critical initiative. Just a few dollars can go a long way to train and educate workers, and to ensure that the products we buy, and the food that we eat, when produced under safe, fair and legal conditions, means they are truly Well Made.