July 2016

From the Field: The Nexus of Illegal Gold Mining and Human Trafficking in Global Supply Chains Report

Verité’s report, The Nexus of Illegal Gold Mining and Human Trafficking in Global Supply Chains, starkly highlights how illegal gold mining throughout Latin America is tied to human trafficking, which will be of interest to the wide variety of companies and retailers that sell products containing gold.  The report draws from field research in Peru and Colombia as well as extensive desk research and analysis of global gold flows. Verité research has found that the diminishing supply and increasing demand for gold, combined with criminal and armed groups’ quest for new sources of illicit revenue, have contributed to a surge in illegal extraction of gold from increasingly remote and lawless regions. In Latin America, and elsewhere in the world, illegally mined gold is strongly linked to human trafficking and other labor abuses. It is also closely associated with child labor, severe threats to workers’ health and safety, and sex trafficking. Read more.


Latest News: Overseas Workers in Japan Symposium on September 28

Verité is hosting a day-long symposium on September 28 in Tokyo to premier a short documentary film on the promises and risks to migrants traveling to work to Japan and to hear from companies, government and civil society actors working on reforming what is increasingly recognized to be a broken system. The conference, which is free due to the generous support of The Walt Disney Company, is designed for companies sourcing or licensing product in Japan, licensees and suppliers, employers of migrants, CSR practitioners, workers’ rights groups, government agencies and labor brokers both within and sending to Japan. Verité will share our research on the experiences of current and returning migrants, including the narratives shared through our My Labor Matters helpline, website and Facebook page. Register hereRead more.



What We're Talking About: Jane Power, Verité's Longtime CFO, Departs for a Well-Deserved Retirement

Jane Power, Verité’s CFO for the past fifteen years, retired in July. Jane guided Verité from our modest beginnings as a start-up NGO, through the many challenges that accompany sustained growth and client diversification. Over the years, Jane developed systems to accommodate Verité's growing portfolio, which now includes hundreds of corporate clients as well as foundation, governmental and civil society funding partners. Read more.


Verité Up Close: Verité Adds New Staff to Support Growth

Verité is delighted announce the addition of, and to welcome, the following new staff members: 

Jenna Barron, Grant Writer/Business Development Associate; Karen Bradway, Program Assistant; Sophie Broach, Research Analyst; Marisa Catalina Casey, Marketing and Communications Manager; Motthida Chin, Program Director; Taylor Fallon, Research Assistant; Vicky Healy, Chief Financial Officer; and Sarah Lince,
Program Manager.

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