January 2015


Secretary Kerry Announces Verité Research on Human Trafficking and Federal Supply Chains


On Thursday, January 29, at the White House, Secretary of State John Kerry launched Verité’s research into trafficking risks and federal procurement supply chains. The report outlines the 11 business sectors at highest risk of trafficking which touch on federal procurement. [Read more

The Cost of a Job: 
The Legal and Compliance Risks Posed by Labor Brokers in Supply Chains

by Declan Croucher, Director of Business Development

In previous Vision articles, we have pointed out that inadequate screening and oversight of brokers, recruitment agents, and labor outsourcing providers almost invariably leads to both legal and code of conduct non-compliances. It is closely correlated with the presence of indicators of forced and bonded labor in facilities that employ foreign migrant workers. Suppliers, and foreign subsidiaries, frequently delegate responsibility for the recruitment and management of migrant workers to receiving country recruitment agents or labor providers, who in turn work with long-term sending country “partners” to pool, select, and dispatch foreign workers. [Read more]

From the Field: 
Conflict Minerals, Expanded: The Nexus of Organized Crime, Human Trafficking, Corruption, and Conflict in Latin American Mining

by Quinn Kepes, Program Director

All too often, the concept of conflict minerals is applied only to the African context, especially the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and bordering countries. Meanwhile, illegal mining in Latin America—which links to the supply chains and products of numerous multinationals—is intrinsically linked to human trafficking, organized crime, violence, and corruption, and there are few initiatives in place to address this intersection. [Read more]

Verité Up Close: 
Skoll Campaign Helps Verité to Continue Identifying Risks in Global Economy

Thank you to our donors, and to the Skoll Foundation, for helping Verité raise more money than we’ve ever done before: a total of over $75,000. Donations to Verité enable us to identify new risks and violations of human rights in the global economy and bring them to the business community to address. We’re grateful for your support and look forward to continuing the conversation. [Read more]