April 2015


From the Field:
Supporting Nepal in Earthquake Aftermath


Verité has met Nepali workers around the world—aspirational migrants who have journeyed thousands of miles to Qatar, the UAE, and Malaysia to get jobs that they hope will provide income for their families so that they can send their children to school, pay for needed health care, build homes for their parents, and save to start a business. We are heartbroken to think of these workers so far from home desperate for news of their families after the earthquake. We can't do much in the face of a problem of this magnitude, so we reach out to our network to suggest that they support a great organization that does great work in Nepal: GoodWeave International. [Read more

The Cost of a Job: 
Verité CEO Dan Viederman Delivers Talk at TedX Berkeley

This past February, Verité CEO Dan Viederman delivered a talk at TedX Berkeley in front of an enthusiastic audience of 2,000 faculty, students and community members. The video of his talk on THE COST OF A JOB is now available online, thanks to the generosity of the Fetzer Institute. [Read more]

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act – A Resource Guide

The California Attorney General’s office recently released a Resource Guide to assist the retailers and manufacturers who are required—by the 2010 California Transparency in Supply Chains Act—to make certain public disclosures about their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains. The objective of the Act is to enable California consumers to make informed purchasing decisions on the basis of what companies are doing with respect to the detection and prevention of forced labor and human trafficking in their direct product supply chains. [Read more]

Latest News: 
Verité Moderates Panel on Labor Recruitment in Supply Chains

At “Out of the Shadows: Innovative Approaches to Combating Forced Labor and Other Forms of Worker Exploitation”—a multistakeholder conference convened by the ILO Washington office, Humanity United, and the US Department of Labor on April 22nd in Washington, DC—Verité’s Director of Programs and Research, Shawn MacDonald, moderated a panel called “Global Supply Chains, Labor Markets and Labor Recruitment” that included a particularly compelling group of panelists whose work represents some of the most promising means of changing private sector approaches to supply chains and labor recruitment. [Read more]