November 2014


Latest News:
"Slavery in the Supply Chain" Panel at Trust Women Conference

by Dan Viederman, CEO


CEO Dan Viederman facilitated a panel on "Slavery in the Supply Chain" at the annual Trust Women Conference organized by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, addressing some of the reasons why existing interventions to forced labor in supply chains haven't been adopted more quickly, and proposing some steps forward. [Read more

HP Announces Enhanced Protections for Foreign Migrant Workers

Earlier this month, Hewlett Packard announced its intention to take concrete steps to expand its existing efforts to combat forced labor and other exploitative labor practices in its supply chain. Verité is very pleased to have worked closely with HP on the development of the standard and implementation guidance for suppliers. [Read more]

From the Field: 
Verité China Launches Worker Health and Safety and 'Life Skills' Programs

Worker education and training was the theme of Verité’s conference in Shenzhen last week. Verité convened representatives from international brands and their Chinese supplier factories to learn about the national curriculum for Chinese manufacturing workers on health and safety (that we developed with government agency partners), as well as to introduce our new Online Worker Training Center. [Read more]

The Cost of a Job: 
Verité at EICC Meeting on Combating Forced Labor in Supply Chains

Verité’s report on forced labor in Malaysian electronics manufacturing continues to drive conversations and action, including among industry and government officials in Malaysia. We were pleased to participate in a meeting last week in Malaysia convened by the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) to address this topic with companies and Malaysian government officials. [Read more]