March 2015


New Principles and Guidance for Responsible Palm Oil Production


Earlier this month, Verité proudly supported the launch of a new resource to promote free and fair labor in palm oil production—“Free and Fair Labor in Palm Oil Production: Principles and Implementation Guidance.” This resource, endorsed by more than 20 organizations from around the world, represents a major step forward in protecting the rights of workers in the industry and advancing global dialogue on sustainable palm oil. [Read more

From the Field: 
Verité's New Web-Based Worker Training Center

We’re very excited to formally introduce our new online training program for workers in China. Our web-based Worker Training Center—providing resources bilingually in Chinese and English—currently offers 10 cartoon- and live video-format modules on labor and life skills topics requested by workers, providing knowledge and channels to resolve workplace issues and protect workers' own health and safety. [Read more]

The Cost of a Job: 
Going Above and Beyond: Migrant Worker Employment Standards

As part of the Ethical Sourcing Forum held in New York City on March 26-27, 2015, Verité and Hewlett-Packard (HP) jointly presented a workshop on solutions to the problem of forced labor and human trafficking in supply chains. Verité provided background on the issues of human trafficking and forced labor in supply chains and presented a detailed case study focused on the routes, mechanisms, parties, fees and costs involved in a representative recruitment corridor—Nepal to Malaysia. We also shared our recommended approach to detection, prevention, and capability building [Read more]

Verité Up Close: 
Inside Verite's EICC Labor & Ethics Lead Auditor Course

Verité’s 5-day EICC Labor & Ethics Lead Auditor workshop, which includes a four-day mock audit for participants, is best known for its interviewing modules. Through self and peer review, the student ‘auditors’ learn and practice skills for developing rapport with workers and managers and advanced interviewing techniques to reveal hidden and often sensitive information. [Read more]