May 2016

May 2016

From the Field: New Verité Report on Labor and Human Rights Risks in Ecuador’s Palm Oil Sector

This report is another important contribution to the literature on human and labor rights risks in palm oil production globally. Thus far, there has been very little research on conditions in palm oil production in Ecuador, Latin America’s largest producer. Research carried out by Verité and REACH (Research-Education-Action-Change) found a number of risks including indicators of forced labor, unethical recruitment and hiring practices, wage and hour violations, child labor, discrimination against women and minorities, environmental damage, and displacement. For more information, along with recommendations for action, please read more.

Solutions: The Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment Launches with Verité as Fouding Partner

The Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment formally launched in London on May 4th with an ambitious announcement of its intention to eradicate the charging of recruitment fees to workers within a decade. Labor recruitment fees charged to vulnerable workers are a major contributing factor to forced labor in global supply chains and the Leadership Group is squarely focused on promoting the 'Employer Pays Principle' and facilitating its implementation across all industries and geographies. Verité is delighted to be part of this collaboration which builds upon much of the work we've done with leading companies to build a new business model in migrant worker recruitment. Read more.

Latest News: Responsible Sourcing Tool Goes Live

On May 16th and 17th, Verité launched the Responsible Sourcing Tool with a series of meetings in the Washington, DC area attended by federal contractors, companies, government procurement officials, and representatives of civil society. The Responsible Sourcing Tool is a new website created to help visualize and understand the risks of human trafficking in supply chains as well as the mechanisms to implement effective management systems to detect, prevent, and combat trafficking.The website contains a model compliance plan with downloadable templates and other tools based on Verité's deep experience helping leading companies combat trafficking in their global supply chains. Read more.