November 2016

Latest News: Verité Committed to Continuing Work to Protect Vulnerable Immigrant Workers in the U.S.

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Research and audits carried out by Verité have determined that both legal guestworkers and undocumented immigrants are extremely vulnerable to exploitation, including forced labor and human trafficking, in the United States. 
This vulnerability is heightened when laws protecting immigrant workers are weakened or go unenforced, as well as in areas in which there are crackdowns on undocumented immigrants, who are forced to go underground and seek employment through labor brokers (see Undocumented Workers in the US Garment Sector: An Assessment and Guide for Brands and Immigrant Workers in US Agriculture: The Role of Labor Brokers in Vulnerability to Forced Labor). 

Unaccompanied children fleeing violence and exploitation in Central America are especially vulnerable to becoming victims of trafficking...
Solutions: Auditing Forced Labor in Supply Chains: Understanding and Extending Good Practice

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Detecting cases of forced labor in supply chains has long been recognized as an urgent challenge in corporate accountability. Already in 2008, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) issued the first publicly-available guidance to help employers assess and identify risks. At Verité, we complemented this in 2011 with the open-source Fair Hiring Toolkit, which provides clear and precise guidance on interviewing workers, screening recruitment agencies and other measures. Since that time, Verité has pioneered new and effective ways to identify forced labor and, more importantly, to help companies and other stakeholders in taking the urgent steps needed to remedy it.
Last month, Verité took another step to advance understanding and good practice on the issue. In partnership with the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Trafficking, we convened a first-of-its-kind workshop with social auditors at the United Nations in New York.
The workshop brought together leading representatives of auditing and consulting firms to discuss key challenges, strategies and solutions for the industry; including...


Cost of a Job: Why Modern Slavery Persists in Global Supply Chains

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Director of Advisory Services, Declan Croucher, authored a must-read article for the latest issue of Compliance & Ethics Professional. 
Read it below and on the Compliance & Ethics Blog.
The charging of recruitment fees and expenses to migrant workers is the most significant contributor to the shameful ongoing presence of debt bondage, human trafficking, forced labor, or modern slavery in global supply chains. As companies come to grips with their responsibilities and applicable reporting requirements under emerging compliance regimes (e.g., the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, the Federal Acquisition Regulation rules to strengthen protections against trafficking in persons in federal contracts, the UK Modern Slavery Act, and the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act), the question of how to effectively detect and prevent these insidious and deeply entrenched abuses looms large.
Profiting from desperation
The reason this issue can be difficult for global companies to understand, much less solve, is that the traditional audit-led approach to social responsibility, which focuses on compliance with codes and regulations at the workplace, does not adequately address the money flows associated with the recruitment of migrant workers before they start work.


Verité Up Close: Coming in December...Verité's New Website!

Verite's New Website

You may have noticed a few changes to Verité's Vision newsletter this fall. We're carrying them forward to our website with the new to launch in December 2016. 
The new will feature enhanced visuals, easy-to-use search, additional filtering tools, and the same in-depth research and coverage of the labor rights issues that matter most. In addition, our new website will be responsive and optimized to fit any screen so that you can access Verité research reports, white papers, tools, and news from anywhere.
We look forward to presenting you with this fresh look at Verité's work.