Verité Systems Approach & Fair Hiring Toolkit Managing Contract Labor Risks


Interactive Workshop: Our two-day technical workshop introduces our Fair Hiring Toolkit and how to apply it through the Verité Systems Approach (VSA) for managing the critical risks inherent in employing contract, or brokered, workers. The Toolkit derives from our Help Wanted initiative, which is based on years of in-depth global research on the complex mechanisms that lead to debt-bonded and other forms of forced labor. Our holistic Systems Approach focuses on the everyday business processes where the right risk controls can avoid these and other labor abuses.

Instead of asking whether the company is meeting Code of Conduct standards on forced labor and other abuses of migrant workers, Verité’s systems approach seeks to understand how the supplier’s business systems work, and helps the facility to identify and embed operational controls to proactively manage these other SR risks as part of its every day business functions.

What You Will Learn:

  • risks inherent in the employment of brokered/contract labor
  • mechanisms that lead to forced labor and other related abuses
  • how to use tools for identifying causes of debt-bondage and related risks for migrant workers
  • the VSA and how to apply it for managing forced labor and other migrant labor risks
  • the link between specific business processes and social responsibility risks
  • operational controls for mitigating forced labor and other key risks
  • good practices and benchmarks for companies hiring workers through brokers

Who Should Come:
Factory HR, compliance and production staff; buyers and social responsibility staff; auditors, worker advocates, and brokers.

Workshop: 2-Day Managing Contract Labor Risks
Included: How to use Help Wanted and VSA tools
Price: US$490 per participant
Language: English and Mandarin
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Managing Contract Labor Risks - Sample Training Agenda

Module  Module Objectives
Day 1 
Module 1: Introduction - Understanding Brokered/Contract Labor Issues and Risks • Understand the context and rationale for focusing on foreign and domestic contract labor in the supply chain
• Discuss the drivers for labor migration and its risks
• Identify codes, standards and benchmarks on the prevention of forced and bonded labor
Module 2: Overview of the Verite Systems Approach (VSA) for Managing Social Responsibility • Discuss the Verite Systems Approach (VSA) for Managing Social Responsibility
• Define the key concepts of the VSA
• Discuss the application of VSA in managing migrant labor and avoiding forced labor and other labor abuses
Module 3: Managing Brokered Labor - Fair Hiring Tool Kit • Understand the Fair Hiring Tools
• Understand how to apply them using the VSA to assess facility compliance to forced labor and other critical social responsibility standards:
• “Red flags” of compliance risk
• Screening labor brokers
• Managing and monitoring labor broker performance
• Pre-departure and on-boarding training
• Alternative systems for recruitment and hiring
• Developing performance improvement plans
Module 4: Identifying and Screening Risks of Forced Labor • Demonstrate the process of identifying risks through VSA (risk assessment, risk events and risk sources)
• Describe the common risk sources for forced labor in recruiting, hiring and employing contract labor
• Identify obstacles to meeting standards of forced labor and other critical issues , in functional business processes
Day 2:
Module 4: Identifying Risks of Forced Labor - Case Study • Case study: Identify risks in key functional business processes using Fair Hiring Toolkit
Module 5: Identifying Risk Controls through VSA
• Discuss key requirements in developing controls and solution ideas to mitigate "unintended outcomes"
• Understand what makes a set of controls and mechanisms sustainable
• Case study: Identify appropriate controls for key risks associated with migrant labor
Module 6: Problem Solving - Next Steps • Create meaningful KPIs that ensure effectiveness of processes and controls
• Identify next steps leading to implementation
• Jump start an individual action plan that the participant will work on in the workplace