Our Theory of Change

The purpose of Verité’s work is to create positive benefits for workers.

We believe that the best way to accomplish this is to be explicit about how supply chain social responsibility activities lead to measurable impact. Verité envisions supply chain labor rights programming structured as a series of key steps, beginning with understanding and analysis, and ending with direct action to resolve problems. These programs can vary in depth and breadth, but are linked by the common thread of positive workplace impact and continuous movement towards sustained Code compliance.

Beginning with information gathering, we conduct assessments and undertake grassroots and policy research to understand the full scope of the situation and reveal issues. We engage all stakeholders within and outside companies to generate a consensus and design plans for improvement. We design and disseminate tools that others can use to improve their own work. We build capacity among companies, their first and sub-tier suppliers, and other social responsibility practitioners, grounded in a sustainable, long-term change-oriented philosophy.
Our services effect measurable change:


We conduct social and environmental auditing programs through confidential worker interviewing and other methods, which are key to the quality of our process and to identifying areas of risk and opportunities for performance improvement.



We investigate systems that place workers in vulnerable positions and advise governments, companies, investors, and other stakeholders on pathways to long-lasting change.



We build critical competencies at all levels of the supply chain with our training programs, which focus on the root causes of non-compliance and then impart the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to resolve them.



Verité’s expert teams deliver concrete approaches that brands, suppliers, NGOs, and governments use to improve working conditions and integrate social responsibility with business goals.