Emerging Markets Research

Verité has been providing institutional investors with actionable information about labor conditions in emerging markets since 2000.  Two of the largest US pension funds - CalPERS and NYCERS - which together control over $250B in assets, have incorporated Verité’s information and analysis of labor protections in decision-making about investment allocation and prioritization.

The Emerging Markets Research Program offers a ranking of 26 emerging markets countries using a quantitative assessment that employs 42 indicators of labor standards compliance – the first such framework of its kind to be used for investment purposes. Verité's model takes as its foundation the International Labor Organization's core conventions, which provide internationally accepted standards for freedom of association, child labor, forced labor, and equality/non-discrimination. Verité's framework also examines conditions of work – defined as health and safety, wages, and hours of work – as well as the protections afforded migrant workers.

We measure these core labor rights against four criteria:

  • comprehensiveness of national legislation as compared to ILO standards;
  • institutional capacity for enforcement;
  • the effectiveness of implementation as indicated by the scale and persistence of the problem;
  • ratification of core conventions of the International Labor Organization.

We gather information not generally available, utilizing our overseas networks of labor researchers to explore local sources and to conduct interviews with representatives of government, business, labor unions and NGOs.  We compare findings from primary and secondary research with our own experiences of labor auditing.  The result is a deep and locally-oriented assessment of risk faced by institutional investors.

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