Workplace Assessment & Performance Improvement

Verité set the standard in the field of Social Responsibility for our innovative approaches to helping companies, workers, governments, and NGOs understand and overcome the obstacles to achieving fair, legal, and safe work environments in the global economy.

Typical social compliance auditing may not illuminate all working condition problems and opportunities for improvement within any given business. We pioneered a comprehensive model that integrates workers as key stakeholders to effectively monitor labor conditions. We build critical competencies at all levels of the supply chain with our training programs- which are often shaped by the knowledge gained by our assessment. Our programs focus on the root causes of non-compliance and the understanding, skill, and systems needed to resolve them. We have an unparalleled reputation for depth and quality of multi-source information on conditions and causes.

We customize our projects to help clients understand the unique risks they may face.

Comprehensive, tailored approaches illustrate what is really happening within supply chains. The information we gather on the specific issues, conditions, and root causes allows for the appropriate corrective measures to be put into place. Verité’s social and environmental auditing programs are known for the high credibility of our findings and the value of our recommendations.


Verité’s assessments helped illuminate the causes of forced labor in electronics manufacturing in Malaysia. Now the companies that make the phones, computers, and electronic gadgets we buy can ensure that their products are not manufactured by workers in bonded labor.

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