Regional Directors

Verité has successfully scaled the expansion of our global capacity through the establishment of an independent Regional Office structure. Our regional office directors are recognized pioneers in the field. Their combined expertise spans critical areas such as business, law, supply chain management, engineering, economics, accounting and social ethics, labor, women’s rights, human rights, environmental, health, and safety issues.



Wenjuan Yao, Verité China Program Director

Wenjuan Yao is responsible for Verité operations in China. As Director, she oversees the development and implementation of all of Verité China’s programming, stakeholder engagement, and education and policy initiatives. Under her direction, Ms. Yao has quadrupled the size of Verité China’s staff and scope of programming. A designer, trainer, and researcher, she has directly led all levels of training and consultation work including two multi-year projects funded by over a million dollars in public funding - Empowering Workers and Their Advocates, and Raising Standards in China-which mainstreamed CSR through the capacity building of local NGOs to support workers and created CSR curriculum. She has designed and implemented training for corporations, factories, workers, and NGOs across numerous sectors, including taking the lead in developing Verité's approach to worker participation in CSR assessments in China. Ms. Yao directs Verité's Mobile Training Program in China, which has trained over 100,000 workers on CSR/SER and Life Skills and thousands of factory managers on management systems and worker engagement. Ms. Yao has been with Verité for almost a decade. Before becoming Program Director, Ms. Yao led key aspects of the organization’s Emerging Markets Research Program providing actionable information to investors with billions of dollars in assets. She spent ten years in a management capacity in the Chinese publishing industry prior to joining Verité.  Ms. Yao has a master’s degree in history and education from Northwest University (China) and the University of Massachusetts (USA). 

Enrico Bagadion, Verité Southeast Asia Executive Director

Coco Bagadion has served as an accredited social compliance auditor, productivity consultant and network partner for Verité since 2004 and as Verité Southeast Asia’s Managing Director since 2007. He analyses brand risk, assesses social compliance programs, conducts trainings and leads teams that conduct factory audits, worker interviews, and factory level remediation training for productivity related and overtime issues around Southeast Asia and Saipan. 

Dr. Aqueel Khan, PhD., Director, Association for Stimulating Know-how and Verité South Asia Program Director

Aqueel is Founder and Executive Director of the Association for Stimulating Know-How (ASK), an Indian NGO founded in 1992. The ASK-Verité partnership functions as Verité's Regional Office in South Asia. Aqueel is a development professional and has experience working at national and international levels in the field of Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R), CSR, NGO management and sectoral issues such as gender and development, micro-credit and micro-enterprise development, and participatory irrigation management. He has led the development of programs such as Verité’s Gathering Information from Workers, and conducted training for numerous multinational corporations.

Sayeeda Khan, Bangladesh Program Director

Sayeeda is Founder and Director of Sheva, a Bangladeshi NGO working to help empower the urban poor. She has extensive experience working with disenfranchised women in the garment industry in Bangladesh. Sayeeda oversees Sheva's programs that offer training, community development and microfinance, as well as the delivery of auditing, training, research and program building for brands, suppliers and other stakeholders.