Client Testimonials

Gap Inc.
“Gap Inc. has worked with Verité for years and has truly benefited from their vast knowledge and experience in the area of Social Responsibility. Verité expertise has also played an instrumental role in evolving our teams skill set from conducting check list audits of factories to the robust assessment of a factory’s management system. We feel this approach will lead to sustained improvements in working conditions and are truly grateful for Verité’s assistance in this area.”

Humanity United
"Verité is a trend-setter and innovator. In their work to ensure that all people around the world work under safe, fair, and legal conditions, they have consistently shown that businesses can do well by acting responsibly and doing good. As a foundation committed to ending all forms of modern-day slavery and human trafficking, we are proud to not only support Verité's work, but to call them partners in a shared mission."

"I am truly pleased with how much Verité has helped Wing Ying Factory over the years and continues to assist them. I believe you are helping improve overall compliance for workers, but also helping Wing Ying Factory Management retain workers, improve productivity and help them be proactive with future planning too."

Levi Strauss & Co.
"Verité's factory assessments set the standard for being able to identify the actual working conditions in a factory. Verité has also been a key partner in enhancing our own capability to effectively gather information from workers.  They have helped us to develop policies, processes, and training programs that integrate this effectively into our factory assessments."

Hewlett-Packard Company
“Verité is an important partner of Hewlett-Packard in our efforts to continually improve the social and environmental performance of HP suppliers worldwide. Our approach is to work cooperatively with our suppliers in three major focus areas: conformance assessment, implementing sustainable improvements, and capability building. We have found Verité to have the unique set of skills and capabilities we need to provide strategic support of our efforts in each of these critical programs. In that role, Verité consults with us to evaluate and improve our assurance programs, develop and deliver guidance materials and auditor training, and to perform independent, in-depth supplier assessments in response to stakeholder concerns.”

“In vendor training interventions for Nautica/VF, Verité has been successful in not only reaching short-term compliance, but in implementing effective management systems that ensure long-term compliance and high labor/health & safety standards.”

The Timberland Company 
“Rarely do you find a mission-driven organization that is able to fully understand the intricacies of the global supply chain management. Verité is just such an organization. The difference they make both to us as a company, and to communities worldwide, is palpable.”

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. 
“We chose Verité because of the content, attitude, experience and style represented by Verité's responses to our search for an outside advisor and auditor. What we value in Verité's work is its audit program, extensive network and ability to provide strong advice to treat corporate communications needs. We find Verité, in its various activities, to be very effective.”

Eileen Fisher, Inc. 
“Unlike many other monitors, Verité doesn't just use the cookie-cutter approach. I believe that Verité is one of the few independent monitoring organizations that can add integrity to a company's compliance program.”