About Us

We take aim at serious problems: child labor, slavery, systemic discrimination against women, dangerous working conditions, and unpaid work. 

Some of these problems can be resolved by working directly with individual companies within their areas of influence. In other cases we develop and promulgate standards of performance and promote their adoption to change whole industries, and improve common business processes like procurement and hiring.

Verité aims to ensure that globalization is made to work for poor and vulnerable people around the world. We ensure that powerful institutions, and particularly the private sector, take responsibility for solving human rights problems where goods are made and crops are grown. The impact of our work is tangible: more income for workers and harvesters; increased opportunities for women, minorities and migrants; protection for children and those in forced labor; safer working conditions in factories, farms, fisheries and mines; and empowerment for workers and harvesters. The broader context is worldwide, involving hundreds of millions of people and trillions of dollars of goods.